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2 years ago

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This is a true story about an experience a few years ago. It was the beginning of summer and the woman was on vacation for a week. I knew of a cinema in the town near me, the porn shows alone, and I knew, a place where men are played by men. I am happily heterosexual, keandra but I wanted to feel a cock in my hands. I had a shower, put on clean clothes, drove into town and parked in the corner. The film was quite normal, a bit seedy, with a body and a few small rooms with small screens. There were 15 people there, which keeps moving. I sat near the back to find out how things were, he saw a man walk another ten lines, and noticed the bathroom door open and close frequently. I could not see, I can imagine a man who was with ( I'm not attracted to men, I just wanted to feel a cock and the feeling of fox), so I entered one of the smaller rooms ona couch and sat there. After a few minutes a man came in, was 50, a few years older than me, and Dresserd, and was in a small briefcase . He sat next to me and both saw the gay pron on the screen. After a minute I felt his thigh press against mine. I was approached by another man, a totally new experience. I took the decisive step, my hand was close to the inside of his thigh and then re-entered the main theater to keandra know that I was to follow. We were sitting in the center, away from others, and opened the pants of others. If you do not like the idea of ​​a bisexual experience then forget about it, but if you're curious, go for it, it feels keandra fucking. Pants down around the hips, keandra reach out to others pants and pulled out the roosters. Others feel hard cock for the first time is magical, I love it. He held my balls as I masturbate slowly. He asked keandra me to keandra go slowly, as he was very excited. I was enjoying it right now, a happily married man - a stranger masturbating in a porno film. came without warning, your jets orf hot cum in the palm of my hand, stomach and covers the front. He took a clean handkerchief and cleaned each other before he got up and left. I had not semen, but no matter, I masturbate to orgasm to another man, and loved it.

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